Di. 10. Mai, 18 Uhr im Raum 027 im Brechtbau, Wilhelmstr. 50, Tübingen

Anti-Black-racism has always been part of social norms and media realities in Germany and Europe. Over the centuries, it has been reconstructed and constituted in and through media and academia. However, for the most part, it has only been counteracted by individuals who are affected by racism and less by media institutions, laws or regulations. Ignoring structural racism in the mediversum, or reducing it to ‘unintentional exceptions’ does not lead to its absentia, but rather to the fact that Black knowledge, histories, and discourses are ‘de_perceived’ and consequently Black lives and realities actively non-communicated – neither in film or on TV, nor in editorial offices or broadcasting rooms. Distinguished Visiting Professor Dr. Natasha A. Kelly will dismantle structural racism in German academia and media institutions and give best-practice examples that demonstrate how structural change can be made.

Englischsprachige Veranstaltung.

Location: Brechtbau, Raum 027 current COVID regulations apply. Pre-registration required.

Register by Friday, April 22, here: www.dai-tuebingen.de/kelly In cooperation with Institut für Medienwissenschaft, Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen. This event is part of the Tübinger Medientage.

Black Lives Matter: On the „De_Perception“ of structural Racism in Media and Academia – Talk with Dr. Natasha a. Kelly