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Talk with Fiona Hill, Washington, D.C. Fiona Hill grew up in a world of terminal decay. The last of the local mines had closed, businesses were shuttering, and despair was etched in the faces around her. Her father urged her to get out of their blighted corner of northern England: “There is nothing for you here, pet,” he said. The coal-miner’s daughter managed to go further than he ever could have dreamed: She studied in Moscow and at Harvard, became an American citizen, and served threeU.S. Presidents. As a celebrated foreign policy expert and key impeachment witness, Fiona Hill draws on her personal journey out of poverty aswell as her unique perspective as a historian and policy maker, to show how we can return hope to those who grow up without privilege. She will talk about her upbringing in Tübingen’s Sister City Durham,UK, and howher school exchange to Tübingen shaped her life.With a special focus on the topic of “opportunity”,Hillwill explain towhat extent the lack of equal opportunities is fueling the division of society in theU.S., but also in Europe. In addition, she will address the current situation in Ukraine with its consequences for theUnited States, Europe and the rest of theworld.

Fiona Hill is Robert Bosch Senior Fellow at the Center on the United States and Europe in the Foreign Policy program at the Brookings Institution. She served as deputy assistant to the president, (as senior director for European and Russian affairs on the National Security Council,) and as national intelligence officer for Russia and Eurasia at the National IntelligenceCouncil. She holds amaster’s degree in Soviet studies and a doctorate in history from Harvard University. Hill is a member of the Councilon Foreign Relations and lives in theWashington D.C. Area.

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Fiona Hill: There is Nothing for You Here